LT: Our process

LT: Our team’s cumulative experience of 20+ years gives us a competitive edge in the market. All our processes are oriented to high quality results while leaving as fewest footprints to the planet as possible. To be able to provide custom quality solutions, we maintain long lasting, trust-based relationships with our suppliers.

LT: One Step Method

LT: One-step method turns plastic granules into the customized product using the One-Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines. The manufacturing process is based on melting the plastic resin (PET/RPET), injection, molding of preform and stretch blowing into final customized shape. We specifically use latest SERVO technologies to ensure lowest energy consumption and minimum noise.

Our existing tooling’s can produce bottles, jars, containers with a wide variations of neck finishes, weighs, volumes and different designs. Due to many choices of color shades, additives and flexible MOQ ( Minimal order quantity), we can fulfill different customers’ needs in a productive and flexible way.


LT: Two Step method

LT: By using PET preforms, we are able to blow differently shaped products. Preforms are heated to the required temperatures and blown into containers using stretch blow (SBM) machines. Preforms are mainly used for highly demanded products as they have limitations for MOQ and coloring possibilities.

LT: Services

LT: Plastikse focuses on manufacturing and supplying PET packaging for various industries such as cosmetics, alcohols, beverages, food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more. We offer both – standard and individually designed packaging, widely ranging in shapes, colors, and neck finishes. Our services also include a big variety of screen-printing decoration options on closures and bottles, labelling, embossing/debossing, customized color matching opportunities and transportation services.

LT: Quality Assurance

LT: Thanks to modern measuring equipment and an in-house laboratory for product testing, we can guarantee compliance with all legal product safety requirements applicable to primary food packaging. Every year, external auditors put our risk and management system to the test to verify its effectiveness. It demonstrates that our company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of our customers and consumers.

LT: Being FSSC 22000 certified, we are constantly verifying our suppliers as well as implementing quality control measurements for all materials.  We also hold the ISO 9001 certification on Quality Management System. Delivering quality solutions is our top priority.

LT: Sustainability

LT: We strive to minimize any adverse impact to our environment during production, storage, transport, usage, and recycling. With new low energy consumption machinery and 100% Green Energy manufacturing process, we  utilizing 100% renewable energy from resources such as wind parks, hydropower and solar panel stations. This leads us to be Zero CO2 emissions company.

LT: Materials

LT: Majority of our bottles and jars are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and post consumed recycled PET (also known as RPET). PET is a strong but lightweight form of clear polyester and is the most recycled plastic packaging in Europe. We also produce high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle caps and polypropylene (PP) closure for jars.